A summary about the company (its nature and market scope

Considering the importance role of domestic products in enhancing national income and developing nonoil exportations and self-sufficiency in producing types of brake linings, this company started its operation in 1968 by utilizing proper technology in the field of manufacturing types of vehicle and train brake and clutch linings and has been able to make its customers loyal by representing a well – known brand.

Some products of Iran Brake Lining Company include: types of heavy and semi-heavy vehicle brake (disc and shoe) linings, types of light vehicle brake (disc and shoe) linings, types of industrial and customized linings in various sizes, producing lining bullions for industrial players and brake re-liners and producing types of clutch center plate for both heavy and light vehicles. By using modern industrial knowledge and equipment, the Company has always attempted to provide both domestic and foreign markets with the highest quality products. The Company welcomes foreign orders from other countries. To this end, you can contact us through correspondences section.

Upon years of operation in industrial and heavy linings and in line with automotive industrial progresses, Iran Brake Lining Company is now providing brake lining for disc and rapid transportation vehicles which can compete produced brake linings by foreign companies in terms of quality. These products are in high desirable quality and durability.

In recent years and through needed investigations, the Company has supplied brake disc linings for light and passenger cars which includes a varied range of vehicles such as Peugeot 405, Peugeot 206 (in different types), Pride, Paykan, Brilliance, JAC, Logan (L 90), Dena, Samand and other vehicles in the market. All these products indicated proper quality and durability in field tests.

Iran Brake Lining Company has done its best to minimize using foreign raw materials by providing appropriate and alternative formulations in order to support domestic manufacturers of raw material and to have remarkable effectiveness on final prices.

In the meantime, this company cooperates with Standard Organization (Acridity) as co-Lab.

Full name: Iran Brake Lining Manufacturing Company (Iran Lent)

Legal status: Public Joint Stock Company

Year of founding: 1963

Year of operation: 1968

Registration No. 8501

Place of registration: Tehran

CEO: Mohammad Javad Skafi Sabet

Dr. Hamid Reza Amiri Moghadam

Hussein Fayazbakhsh

Seyed Abbass Nikkhoo

Mehrban Fooladyan